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Terms of Use


In order to use some features of Morpheus Galleries, you will have to create an account. Signing up for Morpheus Galleries is free and easy. Just use the Sign Up page to create your account. All you need is an email address and any Morpheus Software supported program. There is a limitation of one account per person. It is a violation of these terms of use to create alias accounts with different email addresses which all belong to the same person. We reserve the right to terminate accounts for any reason.

Animation Ownership

All animations uploaded to Morpheus Galleries are owned by the respective user which uploaded the animation. Morpheus Software will not be held liable for animations or other content which is controlled by the individual users. You agree to give unrestricted and royalty-free permission to Morpheus Software to display or use all uploaded animations on Morpheus Galleries or other promotional material.

Animation Restrictions

All animations hosted on Morpheus Galleries may only be uploaded from a Morpheus Software supported program. This service shall not be used to host animations created elsewhere. You will not upload any copyrighted material which you do not own the full copyright to and agree to subject the work to these terms of use. You will not upload any obscene or illegal material, or post obscene descriptions or comments anywhere on Morpheus Galleries. We reserve the right to delete animations or comments at our discretion.

Posting Comments

All comments and animation descriptions posted on Morpheus Galleries are owned by the respective poster and we shall not be held liable for their content. No solicitations or defamatory statements shall be posted. By using Morpheus Galleries, you agree that you may be exposed to content created by other users and Morpheus Software shall not be held liable in way for such content. Please use the flag features to notify an administrator of any questionable content.

Service Limitations

Use of Morpheus Galleries does not constitute any guarantee of service. There shall be no entitlement of hosting for any file uploaded to Morpheus Galleries. Users shall not use Morpheus Galleries for any unlawful purpose. We reserve the right to limit the number of views per day for any animations hosted on Morpheus Galleries. There shall be absolutely no resale of any services provided by Morpheus Galleries. Use of any automated system which accesses Morpheus Galleries in a manner that sends more requests in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce is prohibited. Search engines may index content on the pages but shall not cache any animations.

Supported Programs

The following programs support uploading animations directly to Morpheus Galleries:


All customer support inquiries are handled through forum or email communications.

Thank you for your interest in Morpheus Galleries.